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Experience Design 2020 Pre-Brochure

Experience Design 2020 Pre-Brochure

At Experience Design 2020, learn about experience design best practices from industry leaders with sessions targeted to both your specific function and sophistication of organizational experience design implementation. 

Expert speakers include:

  • Robin Beers, SVP Customer Experience Research and Digital Design Leader, Wells Fargo
  • Stephen Capri, EVP User Experience Design, Citi
  • Yauri Delacour, Design Lead & Experience Design Practice Founding Team Member, Fannie Mae
  • Chuck Gladney, Senior Creative Director, Experience Design, CVS
  • Eliel Johnson, VP UX, Charles Schwab
  • David Schell, VP Experience Design, Pearson
  • Mae Reed, Design Principal, Visa
  • Russ Wilson, Director, Head of UX, Google

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Experience Design 101 (Part 1)

Experience Design 101 (Part 1)

The concept and practice of Experience Design has been around for 20 years, but it continues to evolve and now has a greater focus on experiences that delight users instead of usability alone. Now, it is more important than ever to curate effortless user journeys through experience design. In part 1 of our Experience Design 101 guide, you will find the answers to questions such as:

  • What is experience design?
  • Why experience design?
  • What are some strategies to start designing experiences in your organization?
  • What are some inhibitors to experience design?

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Part 2 of our Experience Design 101 guide will go over the key terms and tools in experience design. 

Experience Design 101 (Part 2)

Experience Design 101 (Part 2)

In order to think like an experience designer, there are certain mindsets, tools, and key terms that can guide you in the right direction. In Part 2 of our Experience Design 101 guide, we’ve aggregated some key resources to help steer you in the right mindset and thought process of an experience designer including: 

  • Popular experience design mindsets
  • Tools for experience designers
  • Key terms 

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Check out Part 1 of our Experience Design 101 guide where we introduce what experience design is, why it's important and the key strategies and inhibitors in experience design.

Debunking Myths About Experience Design

Debunking Myths About Experience Design

We tapped into the minds of experience design experts to shed light on what experience design means to them, their organization and the biggest myths about experience design. Featured experts:

  • Cindy Chastain, SVP, Customer Experience & Design, Mastercard
  • Robin Beers PhD, SVP, Customer Insights & Experience Design, Wells Fargo
  • Bianka McGovern, VP, User Experience, Goldman Sachs
  • Albert Whitley, Director of Experience Design and Voice of Customer, The Hartford
  • Andrew Ohm, Senior Manager, Global Whitespace Innovation, Starbucks
  • Jose Mateo, Design Thinking and Strategy Formulation Senior Internal Consultant, Verizon Wireless
  • and more! 

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Site Tour Feature: Inworks

Site Tour Feature: Inworks

At Experience Design Week this February 25-27 we'll be touring Inworks, an innovation lab at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. Experience the power of rapid, physical prototyping as you explore the downtown Inworks UC Denver lab, and dive into the interdisciplinary design methodologies that they use to make things that matter. 

In this feature, learn: 

  • What is Inworks CU Denver? Why is having a facility like Inworks CU Denver important?
  • What is the culture like at Inworks CU Denver?
  • What are some projects CU Denver is currently working on?
  • Fun facts about Inworks CU Denver
  • What Inworks is most excited to share with XDW attendees 

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