Design Effortless User Journeys in the experience Age

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Monica Tisminesky

Design Leader, Restaurant Design Innovation Chick-fil-A Corporate

Why Monica?
Monica’s fascination with behavior, persuasion and design led her to design thinking, to SCAD and Service Design. Her interests in behavior crystallized in her thesis on behavior change and behavior design.

Day 3: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday, February 27th, 0019

8:30 AM OPENING KEYNOTE Predicting Future Behavior: Applying a Behavior Model to the Future of Retail

To ensure a long term competitive advantage, organizations must look toward the future. Sometimes the adoption of certain technologies seems capricious or random. However, a simple but powerful behavior model can give us answers about what will impact adoption.
In this keynote, discover:
+ What is a behavior profile and the benefits of implementing this powerful tool
+ How to use a behavior profile to provide insight into behavior and technology adoption both now and in the future+ Why a behavior profile affects your user’s retail experience

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