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February 25 - 27, 2019
Denver, CO

Shawn Nason

CEO & Chief Ecosystem Disruptor
Nason Group

9:15 AM Empathy Workout

We’re tired of the status quo and we hope you are too. The Nason Group is challenging the status quo by disrupting the experience landscape with empathy by walking in the users footsteps. Why empathy? Empathy brings people together in a way that’s almost impossible to describe, and we’ll never be able to truly change without developing the skills, confidence, and vulnerability for engaging each other’s hearts.

In this hands-on morning workout, learn how to:

+ Understand the feelings that drive the other person’s thoughts and behavior
+ Develop your empathy muscles and how to exercise them in daily interactions with your users

9:15 AM DISRUPTION KEYNOTE The Shift in the Atmosphere: Moving from Talking to Experiencing

Now, more than ever, organizations require disruption, innovation, and transformation to keep pace with a changing world. In this keynote, Shawn will challenge you to think of innovation as a lifestyle instead of a project or a job. His approach contributes to the building of a culture supportive of keeping the consumer at the center of your business.

Using consumer-centered design, Shawn will demonstrate:
+ How to learn from your consumers, figure out exactly the right problem to solve, and dream up and test solutions fast and cheap before you take on any risk.
+ Keep your consumers in the center of the decision-making process
+ Learn how to create measurement strategies to prove the value of impact

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Shawn.

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